Website Design & Development

I am building websites from scratch using my knowledge in HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. I am constantly learning something new as this industry changes so quickly. I am able to make slide-shows, animations, special effects wrapped in elegant and professional design.

Responsive Design

I guarantee that your website will look pretty at any device: desktop, tablet, mobile and in-between sizes.

UI/UX design

I am always spending decent amount of time doing researches, creating and designing wireframes, mock-ups and prototypes making sure that the Client is satisfied.


I can perform regular maitenance of the websites I create, wheather it is an occasional update or analyzing the website visitors' statistics. I am always ready to help.


Portrait of Ana Grunina made with watercolor effect

I was born in Soviet Union many moons ago. When I was 1 y.o. my family moved from Estonia to Russia where I lived for the most part of my life. I was raised by beautiful hardworking parents side by side with my closest people in the world - my four sisters in wild Russian countriside.

In 2008 I graduated from Moscow University and didn't work a day in my industry. I realized that I wasted 5 years of my life studying something I was not interested in at all. I always felt that something was wrong: I was not in living in a proper place. So 4 years later we immigrated to Canada with my husband having noone there and being all by ourselves.

We struggled in Motreal for 18 months and felt the urge to move father when in one day we saw an opportunity and took it. That's how we moved to Toronto in a week with our 1-months old daughter - a perfect place when I feel comfortable and homy. Something was still not right - I was not sure what I would like to do for the rest of my life. With huge support of my family, I decided to quit my job and go for my passion - Web Design.

From the first day back in school I understood that that was it, I found it - my future profession. And I might say that it was the happiest period of my life - seeing everything settling in it's place. I have never dreamt to be so satisfied with things I do. I finally could see my dreams come true. Designing and creating beautiful things is my favourite part of my work. Everyday I learn something new. Everyday I wake up with desire to create and share it with people. I met a lot of amazing people on my path and I love them with the depth of my heart. Nevertheless, my family always stays my muse and fuel - people once belived in me and gave me a chance to become who I am now.


Laura Opoku (

This website is my first baby as a web designer. It is a five-pages website for my Client Laura Opoku - a Millennial Empowerment Coach who teaches millennial women how to conquer their goals so they activate their faith to live the dreams they deserve to have. It was designed and built from scratch using my knowledge in HTML, CSS, SASS and JavaScript. In this work I used Photoshop CC 2018, Illustrator CC 2018, InVision and Atom. The following services were used: MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Docs and Tumblr. I designed all the wireframes and the mock-ups according to my Client's needs and desires following all the trends in the industry and based on my research I made for this Project. I didn't stop until every Client's wish was satisfied.








Don't hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to get a line or two from you. Always.

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